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Artist: Atomic Kitten
Atomic Kitten Author
Album: Feels So Good (2002)
Atomic Kitten - Feels So Good Album
Song Title: Last Goodbye
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Ain't no hamlet on the road tonight
Everybody here is sleeping tight
Ain't nobody gonna find us here
Where they so cares
There's a dancer in the arms of flood
And he's dancing on the sky above
And the truth is that we will never know
Will love full flow
Aim high shoot low
We gotta aim high shoot low baby

Ain't no hamlet on the road tonight
Ain't nobody here to make you cry
Cause we couldn't seem to find a way for love to stay
If you had another night to give
I would have another night to live
But you never gonna see me cry the last goodbye

Is it crowded where you walk tonight
Are the neon lights shining bright
Are you looking for a place to stay
To get away
??? down the hill
Running fast no time to care
And the truth is that we will never know
Will love full flow
Aim high shoot low
We gotta aim high shoot low baby

If I could do it over, I do it over again
And I got one more chance, I wouldn't change a thing
Aim high shoot low
Aim high shoot low

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