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Artist: Atomizer
Song Title: When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently
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All kinds of people have all sorts of feelings about dying
Most view it with fear and trepidation, but that's not the way for me, oh no
On a day like no other
I welcome death, I welcome the reapers icy embrace
His cold damp cloak as it scrapes against my skin
And because this day will come but once in your entire life
It should be a truly magnificent event
Something to be remembered for all eternity
You want people to gather, you want people to lament
The severity of your final moments on this earth
For this is more than significant this event, this is forever
When I die, I wanna die violently
What could be more mundane than dying of old age
Or of natural causes when there's death by misadventure to be pursued?
Any idiot can die, but it takes someone truly special to go out
In what I'd call a spectacular kind of way
Ripped apart by sharks, torn to bits by wolves
Tortured beyond the threshold of human tolerance
And don't fear the reaper when the game is over and your number is up
For death my friends, yes death is inevitable!
When I die, I wanna die violently, when I die I hope that I'll suffer
Burnt out and cut up and dealt out and fucked up
When I die, I pray my exit's gonna be fucking bleak when I die I wanna be in pain
In a vicious and inhumane sorta way to the very hilt of human suffering
With fear and loathing racing through my veins

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