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Artist: Atomship
Song Title: Day To Daze
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Proven in theory your heart can be lost by the brain.
Staring hard the devil is just out of frame.
Mother where are you?
I love you I'm right here.
Twisting and turning and loving and braiding your hair.
It was a good day she died.

It was a good day to die and run from the night.
It was a good day to die, she died.

Help me I'm wasted my heart has been lost in the rain.
Covered in ashes and dust my tears pump through your veins.
Father where are you?
I thought you were my friend.
Well I'll be your mother, your Mary, your Jesus and Zen.
It was a good day she died.

It was a good day to die and run from the night.
It was a good day to die, she died.

With her head this close to the floor, I feel so alive.
She died.

It was a good day to die and run from the night.
It was a good day to die, she died.

Just let me die old. She let me die old, she died.
Just let me die old.
Just let me die old, she died.

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