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Artist: Attica Blues
Attica Blues Author
Album: Attica Blues (0)
Attica Blues - Attica Blues Album
Song Title: Medieval
Genre: Easy Listening
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Lost in mirrored labyrinths i strive to find
Anyway to escape
And leave it all behind
But the dense layer lingers on
With promised blue skies beyond
What once were rainbows
Now hazy shades of pastel grey
Circles ever viscious
Content ever sparse
Will i really ever live to tell the
Bitter tale of my quest?

Wandering through the corridors of time
I find wider divides
Primordial plans for a new day dawning
Without mourning
Past moons
That once shone on the ones that today
Left behind
Visionary dreams dissolve in our hands
Such potent potential for transcending
Do you pass or do you fail on the
Consciousness scale
Do your inhibitions lie in body or mind
Are you relying on that silver lining?

I lie
Like the tornado's eye
Whilst all around you the madness swirls
Until drawn in
It hurls you high
And lets you fly for a while
But then it lets you fall
It lets you
It makes you

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