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Artist: Attraction Fairground
Song Title: The Wind Knows My Name
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Wish me well, say goodbye
I'll never tell I saw you cry
Understand you're not to blame
It's just that the wind,
the wind knows my name

And it's calling me,
calling me,
calling me again

I think that you knew right from the start
there was this restlessness in my heart
It's a feeling that I have tried to tame
but it's hard when the wind,
when the wind knows your name

And it's calling me,
calling me,
calling me again

It's a cruel wind that tears us apart
but a worse thing is a tired and bitter heart
So dry your eyes, no more tears
Hold me once and I'll walk out of here
Who knows? One day, we'll meet again,
but don't wait for me, 'cause the wind knows my name

And it's calling me,
calling me,
calling me again

Yes, it's calling me,
calling me,
calling me again

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