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Artist: Audio Adrenaline
Audio Adrenaline Author
Album: Bloom (1996)
Audio Adrenaline - Bloom Album
Song Title: Secret
Genre: Rock
Visits: 443
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I once was lost in a foaming, roaming, rabid sea
Then blooms blossomed, changed my outlook
Now i've been set free
I once was sinking in a quarry of quicksand
Somebody noticed and they offered me a hand

I want to tell it, i want to say it, i want to show it,
Want you to know it

I've got a secret
And i cannot keep it
I've got a secret
And i cannot keep it

There is a god and he's alive and he treats me well
That is the secret mrs. mademoiselle

I want to tell it, i want to say it, i want to show it,
I want you to know it

I've got a secret to the universe
Until you hear it you can't know what it's worth

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