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Artist: Aurora
Aurora Author
Song Title: If You Didnt Love Me Anymore
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We could write a book on,
lessons we have learned.
We're at another crossroad,
which way do we turn?
Oh, it just seems like lately,
we're going different ways,
I just wanna tell you baby,
before it's too late:

That the Sun wouldn't rise,
the rain wouldn't fall.
The world would stop turning, baby,
once and for all.
The waves on the oceans,
would never reach the shore,
if you didn't love me anymore.

I know that I would
never be the same,
if I couldn't hear you
whisper my name.
And everything around me
would cease to exist,
if I couldn't feel your touch and
the warmth of your kiss.


My heart is holding on,
cause I know this love is real.
We're at a turning point,
and your hand is on the wheel.
Oh, I need to hear you say
you love me still.

[...if you didn't love me, didn't love me, didn't love me...anymore.]

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