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Artist: Aurora Borealis
Song Title: Searching
Genre: Rock
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I am always
I am forever

Time I know not, death is not brought
Judger of all, my wrath shall fall

I am shapeless
I am deathless

Known by many names, never feel pain
Infinitely, existing

Where is the light ,where is my god
Shoe me a light, show me my god

Searching for the ultimate reality
Looking for the father the deity
Knowing I am the giver of all life
Asking where is the one that gave me mine

Searching for the ultimate reality
Looking for the father the deity
Knowing I am the giver of all life
Asking where is the one that gave me mine

I am boundless
I am soulless

No end I shall see, all praise go to thee
For all eternity, I shall never see


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