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Artist: Auryn
Song Title: Who I Am
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I am perfect nothing,

imperfect somethings.

I am extroverted.

A little crazy, but less than perverted.

I can look in the mirror.

What was cloudy is now much clearer.

I can see my own beauty,

this passionate blood runs through me.

I am over the top and intense.

I am funny around my friends.

I am introspective.

I speak the truth I stay in perspective.

I'm a vivid dreamer.

I'm not dirty but I could be cleaner.

I swim in freedom.

I feel auras I just can't see them.

I create with my own hands

I have faith in my own plans

I can face who I am

I make a better man

I eat too much when I am hurting.

Don't mind my job I just hate working.

I can bubble in romance,

but I can't juggle and I can't dance.

I am always honest, genuine,

and firm in a promise.

I can open my mind without drugs,

but I'm not as strong as I wish I was.


I am who I am


I can look in the mirror.

What was cloudy is now much clearer.

I can see my own beauty.

This passionate blood runs through me.

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