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Artist: Avail
Song Title: Now
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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when's better than now

when's better than now

to come with nothing and deny you

when's better than now

when's better than now

to not believe a thing you say

i've restrained but it can't go down this way

eye's that lie - hide

burning time, burning time & blaming memory

to return back to a comfort

in an attempt to feel complete

than tokenize

with lying eye's as if to care

and it's a shock that you leave calmly

as fas as you appear

when's better than now

when's better than now

to come with nothing and deny you

when's better than now

when's better than now

to take blame unscathed and remain

estranged i can walk straight estranged

with blinders bound


burning time, burning time & blaming memory

oh i won't let myself be troubled

or deny i'm part guilty

the road will rise

blackened skies in time will clear

though it's a shock now to the body

to be without you near

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