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Artist: Avalon
Avalon Author
Album: Vision Eden (1998)
Avalon - Vision Eden Album
Song Title: Far Away
Genre: Metal: Progressive
Visits: 666
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It's another day
Talking to myself
There's no other way
Of making it straight ahead
It's another May
I'm not getting closer
And no other stay for me
Till the end of flight

Far away
Will I meet you there
Far away
Will I see you again (and again)
I'm thinking about you are so
Far away from home

It's another day
Flying through cold space
And no other say
Like endless vacancy
It's another way
Of getting abandoned
Still no other lay in this ship
For me to ride

Far away
Will I meet you there
Far away
Will I see you again (and again)
I'm thinking about you are so
Far away from home

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