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Artist: Avenue Q
Song Title: Theres A Fine Fine Line (Reprise) What Do You D
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Kate Monster:
The Monsterssori School...I don?t even know where to start!

Christmas Eve:
Do you know who get idea and collect
All the money and buy building for you?

Kate Monster:
Was it you?

Christmas Eve:
No. It Princeton.

Kate Monster:
Princeton? For me?

You said you couldn?t make your dreams come
True by yourself, so I shot for the stars.

You?ve gotta go after the things you want
While you?re still in your prime.

Kate Monster:
There?s a fine, fine line
Between love...

Thank you Princeton.

So will you take me back, Kate?

Kate Monster:
I?ll be so busy now, with all of the contractors
And inspections and hiring teachers and choosing textbooks...

Well, I could help you.

Kate Monster:
Can we take it one day at a time?

What do you do
With a B.A. in English?

Oh, look! A "for rent" sign!
Oh, my God! You?re Gary Coleman!

Gary Coleman:
Yes, I am!

Say, can you tell me where to find the super?

Gary Coleman:
I am the super.

Well, listen - I wanna ask you about the apartment for rent?

Gary Coleman:
Oh, sure!

Wait a minute!
Wait a minute, that?s it!

Kate Monster:

Look at this kid, here, all fresh faced and new
and not knowing anything! He has no idea
what he?s in for! He thinks the hard part?s over,
but it?s not! And maybe he needs a little help! Maybe
my purpose is to take everything I?m learning
and put it - put it into a SHOW!

Are you high?

And I?m not some young kid who doesn?t know anything.
Fuck you!

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