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Artist: Avernus
Avernus Author
Album: Where The Sleeping Shadows Lie (2000)
Avernus - Where The Sleeping Shadows Lie Album
Song Title: Disappear
Genre: Metal: Doom
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coil broken...perchance to leave a soul, perchance to sleep
when i awakened i found it, it was lying next to me
i feel it crawling, under my skin it's trying to break me

i feel no more pain, tears dried before they hit my eyes
and the one i cant save in this life, forever haunting me..

alone, grey home, right here..a shattered man is inside looking out
burning his reflection, yet his heart can still be found
i feel it crawling, under my skin it's trying to break me

i feel no more pain, tears dried before they hit my eyes
and the one i cant save in this life, forever haunting me..

disappear...i cant make them disappear, they only fade
ashes scatter, their ashes scatter, burn them all away!
i feel it crawling, under my skin it was trying to break me

i feel no more pain, tears dried before they hit my eyes
and the one i cant save in this life, forever haunting me

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