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Artist: Avulsed
Avulsed Author
Album: Stabwound Orgasm (1999)
Avulsed - Stabwound Orgasm Album
Song Title: Coprotherapy
Genre: Metal
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the art of eating shit
is the ultimate
form of nourishment

countless ways - of feeding on
with costless resources
like vegans - and vegetarians
just another philosophy
eat no meat - not even plants
careful with environment
there's no waste - no useless scraps
recycling every single bit

coprotherapy [x2]

as many tastes - as species
inhabit on planet earth
even urine - could be used
to digest a hard piece of dung
a healthy diet - an endless mine
of incalculable proportions
the solution - to famine
is right on everybody's ass

coprotherapy [x2]

drinking from the drunk
eating from the eaten
your intestine is your stock
with always warmy food

your sphincter does control
your daily dose of pooh
your fucking tiresome piles
tells you when's the time

[bridge: (x2)]
why this society
respect vegetarians
and coprophagists
are considered pigs
when will be the day
when we equally compare
those who taste the shit
to those who don't eat meat

the art of eating shit
is the ultimate
form of nourishment

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