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Artist: Awaken
Song Title: A Closed Mouth Catches No Flies
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Some people talk for nothing
Suddenly they find a reason to avoid the face to face
When they get to confront the people they've backstabbed
It's a kind of game to claim the knowledge of the truth
On someone else's past and come out with a bunch of lies with conviction
I don't need to tell you names
And I don't need to identify cheap shooters
Inside me it rings
So now I know that you know who I'm talkin' about
Making up stories on private lives
Is that the only way to make you feel your pain
And open your eyes on the mistakes you've made before
So now now I think we are all suffering of something
If it is the way things should go
How will we be able to trust when we need to be heard and come around
It's so easy to act but so fucking hard to live with our errors
When you keep coming again and again on my past
Trying to change or rebuild relations
Trying to forgive and find solutions
Still you're here to make me face my past
But in the end, I'm suffering again
So now, We've all suffered

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