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Artist: AZ
Song Title: Aziatic (Outro)
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I know, it get kinda hard sometimes,
We all looking for some kind of, outlet to plug into, but ahh,

From the corners of street,
In every hood and every ghetto
(AZ) Every hood
I'm the proof of what could be, if you try
If you wanna try
(AZ) It's on you
All the haters wanna see,
(AZ) Uh uhn
A nigga's life in misery
(AZ) Uh uhn
But I'ma keep on doing me, 'til I die

Handcuffed by the wrist and tied in the feet
So stressed, wish that I could die in my sleep
And Lord knows, thru his grace I done tried it wit peace
But it's like niggas ain't happy 'til they finally deceased
Feel the grief, of a street, nigga that turned to rap
And just applied everything that he learned from crack
I'm in now, it's life ain't no turning back
It been foul so what kinda concerns is that
Peep the signs of the eyes 'cuz it tell it all
One of the few in the streets that was selling it raw
Made mistakes, but it made me intelligent more
And how I move, you could still look and tell I was poor
How can the hate from another man stop my flow
That's like another pimp thinking he can knock my hoe
I'm here now, just trying to copp and blow
Couple of cars and lot's of doe

From the corners of street, in every hood and every ghetto
I'm the proof of what could be, if you try
If you wanna try
All the haters wanna see
A niggas life in misery
But I'ma keep on doing me, 'til I die

One by one, seen 'em rise, seen 'em fall
You seen one nigga ball, you done seen 'em all
Even standup niggas seen 'em lean and crawl
What makes a man wanna fiend for more
Life itself is more than a trial or a quest
Intelligent wise, it's like I done ran with the

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