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Album: Modern Profet (1995)
Aztec Jade - Modern Profet Album
Artist: Aztec Jade
Song Title: Indian Summer
Genre: Metal: Progressive
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Gaze upon the heavens

The sky cracks wide open

Storm clouds filled with lightning

As thunder is rolling

Day of judgement on us

The white dogs come crawling

Stricken down by lies

Their forked tongues are talking

Fires burn the prairie

Herds of buffalo thinning down

Spirits carry my body across the divide

Armies raiding the village

Blood of warriors spilling out

Days of Indian Summer return

Time to die

Round us up like cattle

And lead us to the slaughter

Spreading your diseases

With wiskey filled water

Tribal customs dying

Remind us of our shame

Justice will be served

When our lands are reclaimed

On and on and on and on

We go

To live another day

To our gods

We pray

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