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Artist: Azure Ray
Song Title: Nothing Like a Song
Genre: Pop
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You didn't say the words i would have said
You couldn't help the doubt that filled your head
It's just an ordinary try
We learn to live we live to die
Just accept and don't ask why
My lips the form a crooked smile
Giving a sign of no reply
And when you wake up freezing in a room dark and empty
Well, just keep singing along
I'm not what you write in your books you know i'm nothing like a song
And will you answer me i already know
I asked you to answer but i already know
And can you come back home you already know
You don't ask because you already know
It's an unfamiliar song
You said you'd like to sing along
But you couldn't change the key
I can't sing it doesn't suit me
When i wake up freezing but know half believing
It was this i feared
Because it's not just the words that you whispered in my ear
And will you answer me i already know
I asked you to answer but i already know
And can you come back home you already know
You don't ask because you already know
Will you come back home

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