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Artist: B2K
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Song Title: Badaboom
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Yea, yea, yea
(It's B2K ya'll) It's B2K ya'll
Welcome ladies... and gentlemen
(Yes) To the U Got Served Soundtrack
(Yea) We about to do dis
You know how we get down
Oh Yea
You know dat
come on
Omarion hit em wit it

[Verse One: Omari]

Like whoa
You know
Girl you're the star of my show
In this club
Poppin bub
The way you shakin deservin some dubs
Turn around
Make it bounce
Shake it like you come from out of town
Whats yo name?
Whats yo sign?
Girl you leavin with me tonight

[Chorus 2x]

Mami shake it like you care for me
You know I like it when you do that little dance for me
Mami I'm just trynna get you in my room
And see that big badabing go badaboom

[Verse Two: Omari]

This one, I seen
Couldn't believe the ass in them jeans
To myself, had to think
'Any room for me up in them jeans?'
Ghetto star
You are
Eat you up like a chocolate bar
What's yo name?
What's yo sign?
Damn you got me weeping inside

[Chorus 2x]

Mami shake it like you care for me
You know I like it when you do that little dance for me
Mami I'm just trynna get you in my room
And see that big badabing go badaboom

[Rap: Fabolous]

I wanna see ya 'badabing' go 'badaboom'
And my house got a wing, with a lotta rooms
I can do a lotta things, get you hot as June
I wanna watch ya body swing to the hottest grooves
I'm trynna slide behind it when you throw it 'round
So I can ride and grind it, when you slow it down
Bring it from the top, then take it to da bottom
I'm clingin to ya top, trynna make it to ya oh-

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