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Artist: Backyard Babies
Backyard Babies Author
Album: Knockouts [EP] (0)
Backyard Babies - Knockouts [EP] Album
Song Title: Backstabber
Genre: Rock
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He thinks he's Jesus and I think not
He really thinks he's something
She'll make a fortune without luck
I'll make my friends without a buck
Somebody opened up the box
How could you be so stupid
Gotta get away for sure

Brother and sister
Mr. and Mrs.
Look out now and c'mon

You're a backstabber
You're a backstabber
Hey, man, and I think you're better of red and dead

She thinks she's heaven and I am hell
How could I care 'bout nothing
But you're a hardcore superstore
Plastic little ugly whore
How could she be so stupid

Brother and sisters
Mr. and Mrs.
Look out now and c'mon

You're a backstabber
You're a backstabber
Hey, man, I think you're better of red and dead

Brothers and sisters
Mr. and Mrs.
I don't think it's funny to be wearing a gunny
Haschis as fascist, taxes and faxes
Look out now and c'mon

You're a backstrabber
Hey,man,stab me

That's right

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