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Artist: Backyard Babies
Backyard Babies Author
Album: Making Enemies Is Good (2001)
Backyard Babies - Making Enemies Is Good Album
Song Title: Bigger WA Trigger
Genre: Metal: Heavy
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What were you thinkin'
When you went down?
It's kinda funny
Since we always stuck around


What were you doin'
What went so bad?
You and me togheter
And everything we had

Run into a future
Try not hiding from my past
I'm looking for tomorrow
And the next day just as fast one...
Only lonely one

Paranoia mornings
Nightmares in my bed
To hard to fuckin' cry
So I'd rather sweat instead


No zero numbers
Just having fun
No time for seconds
I'm the only lonely one

Run into a future
Try not hiding from my past
I'm looking for tomorrow
And the next day just as fast one...
Only lonely one

Never pull the trigger
Cause your finger's working best


Run into a future
Try not hiding from my past
I'm looking for tomorrow
And the next day just as fast
You want it all
You do not want the rest one...
Only lonely

You think you're bigger
With a trigger

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