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Artist: Bad Brains
Song Title: At The Movies
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Here's to the maker,
The film double taker,
The illusion type faker.
Guaranteed shaker,
Paravision viewer,

Or it just may seem
Lost the real scope of life.
The hope of life,
To cope with life,
And found it on the screen.

And how many times have we heard that line do you think
I'm blind to trade my mind for what you call fine.
Never in my time I'm not in your movie.

Hey, what can it be on the big white screen
Hey how can you see youre living in 3D.

I guess you think you're at the movies somewhere.
Stale popcorn don't you stand in your chair stale popcorn
Don't you stand in you chair.

A child is influenced by the make believe
To take advantage of this truth is cold hearted sin.
So I say to youth right now.
Don't sway to the unjust,
No matter what they say,
Never give in.

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