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Artist: Bad Examples
Song Title: No Distractions
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All I really want to do
Is tear these walls out of me and you
Were trapped inside these movie roles
Lets start living with a little more soul

Throw your coat upon the grass
Flip back your head and shake your ass
Ill do anything you like
Lets start living with a little more life
Its a great big bouncy world and its yours and mine
I wanna revel in our physical attraction
With no distractions

Run my fingers down your back
Im gonna kiss your belly and bite your neck
Out here lying in the sun
Its one for the money, and two for the fun
Theres something chemical - what have we done?
Its time we got us some soul satisfaction
With no distractions

Its no accident that I feel fine
Its a great big bouncy world and its yours and mine
Close your eyes and we will make our connection
With no distractions

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