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Artist: Balance Of Power
Balance Of Power Author
Song Title: Prisoner Of Pride
Genre: Rock
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There's a time to feel
And a time to fear
Turn around and walk away from here
There's no mystery
No catch
If you will
Paralyze your paradise
Or the next man will

Where's your superstition now
All you true believers
Where's your so called sacred cow
Where is it now

One small victory
And your soldiers all go home
It takes more than that
To trade your pieces for a whole
Circumstances force your hand
So you say
Satisfy yourself
You'll live to die another day

Sell your only saving grace
You grand achiever
Nothing hurts like second place
I see it now

Your prisoner of pride
Come on feel the rain
Come taste another kind of freedom
Your prisoner of pride
You conceal the pain
Come see the other side of freedom

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