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Artist: Bananarama
Bananarama Author
Song Title: Cut Above The Rest
Genre: New Age
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When she walks down Main street
No-one ever passes her by
The cars slow down men turn around
While the other girls are left wondering why

Now give me one good reason
Why they just don't leave her alone
She won't stop or let you take a photograph
But they say 'She's in a class of her own'

I said 'Hey kid, come on down'
They might turn your head around
With good loving more or less
Who' you trying to impress
She don't need your good advice
It's just straight ahead, she don't think twice
We all need love I guess
She ain't a cut above the rest
She ain't a cut above the others
No no no no
She ain't a cut above the others
A cut above the rest
She ain't a cut above the others
No no no no
She ain't a cut above the others

Well, it's a false impression
No one takes the time out to try
She might look the part
But in her heart of hearts
Well she's really not so different inside


(chorus ad lib)

publishing : Rondor Music (London) Ltd J

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