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Artist: Bananarama
Bananarama Author
Song Title: What Colour R the Skies Where U Live
Genre: New Age
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It seems forever since you went away
My life is empty and my world is grey
I keep on hoping that the sun will shine
And the pain I feel will fade away with time

(bridge 1)
I sit and wonder how do you sleep
And if my heart you still keep
I hope in time you can forgive
Tell me, what colour r the skies where u live

If I had wings I'd fly to you
I'd turn your grey skies back to crystal blue
If I had wings, I'd fly to away
Forget the hurt of yesterday, yesterday

I shot the arrow straight through your heart
But I didn't mean for us to part
Thought it was greener on the other side
I learnt my lesson, now its my turn to cry

(bridge 2)
I watch the sun set deepest red
And still remember the things we said
I hope in time, that you can forgive
Tell me, what colour r the skies where u live


(bridge 1)

(chorus ad lib)

publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd - Warner Chappell Music EG Music Big Life Music 1991

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