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Artist: Band
Song Title: Jupiter Hollow
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Jupiter hollow
C g
Northern lights
C g/d g
Cast a glow through the window late last night
Gsus4 g c g
I went to follow through the sycamore
C c/d
When i found myself in a place
I'd never been before
C g/b
There was a unicorn and a dragon queen
D g
Beneath the burgundy sky
C g/b
I saw an old soldier singin' a love song
He had the distance in his eye

Livin' in another world
C c/d g
Livin' in another time
C g
Like a comet i was hurled
C c/d g
Oh, livin' in another world

Jupiter hollow
So far, so near
Like a time machine take you out to a different year
Phoebus apollo played on his lyre
While we danced to the music of the sphere
And as the moon went down and the sun came up
With the mercury risin' too
'twas then the prophet said the secret of the dead
I'll whisper it to you

Livin' in another world
Livin' in another time
Like a comet i was hurled
Oh, livin' in another world

Jupiter hollow
In the midnight sun
Well, no man of dreams was ever more outdone
Where the swallows circle over head
And muses gather by the river of the tears we shed
Just like a pioneer in the new frontier
I don't know where to begin
Because nobody cares when a man goes mad
And tries to free the ghost within

Livin' in another world
Livin' in another time
Like a comet i was hurled
Oh, livin' in another world

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