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Artist: Bangles
Song Title: Dark Night
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Harley? hangs like a dead man
From a white oak tree
There's people sittin' on porches
Thinkin' how things used to be

Dark night... it's a dark night
Dark night... it's a dark night

The neighborhood was changin', strangers movin' in
A new boy fell for another girl when she made eyes at him
She was young and pretty, no stranger to other men
But who knows what being ____ at night the old line's drawn again

I thought these things didn't matter anymore
I thought all that blood had been shed long ago

Dark night... it's a dark night

He took her to the outskirts
He pledged his love to her
They thought it was their secret
But someone knew where they were
He held her so close
He asked about her dreams
When a bullet from a passing car
Made the young girl scream

I thought these things didn't happen anymore
I thought all that blood had been shed long ago

Dark night ... it's a dark night

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