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Artist: Banks Tony
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Song Title: A Curious Feeling
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It's a curious feeling to see the edge receding,
It seems the more I know, the more I don't know,
does this ever end?
If you listened to fanatics of the left or tight,
You'd think they'd solve it all,
But they don't convince me.
Some statesmen, gurus, men of science and of philosophy,
All have an answer but they won't agree.
So if anybody tells you stories
Of how they're gonna chance your world
Be they the Aga Khan, the ex Shah of Iran,
Or the Man from UNCLE,
Say I don't believe you cos I know we don't need you.
On the name of science or of any politician,
IO'm sure we've heard it all.
If races always ran to form they never would be run,
Where would be the fun?
And if ever a man could understand everything there was,
He'd have no reason to carry on.
So when anybody tells you stories
Of how they're gonna change your world,
Be they the Aga Khan, the ex Shah of Iran,
Or the Man from UNCLE,
Say come with me then to the Garden of Eden.
Put back our bites from the Apple of the Tree of Knowledge,
Be like the beasts again

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