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Artist: Barrett Dave
Song Title: Last Drag Racer
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He's often quiet
When it comes to meeting strangers.
And some laugh at his nickname "Midnight Ranger".
Cuz he sits on the hood all alone.
He rest his foot upon the chrome
Cuz to him this ride
Has been his only home.
Now the Ranger's pride
Has always been his honor.
It's been challenged from North Cook
To Benton Harbor.
And tonight the words down the line
He'll blow his engine one last time
In the one place that he can ever be
Cuz he is the last drag racer ever seen.
Well the flag Queen, drag Queen
Drops her silk laced panties.
And the challenger flips ranger off
And he just raised the anti.
He takes the throttle down to the floor
And blankets smoke upon the roar
In the one place that he can ever be
Cuz he is the last drag racer ever seen.
It's late at night
And the Ranger wonders
And down a darken strip
His mind ponders.
Is this the alone home he'll know
Will there be any other place to go.
In this one place that he can ever be
Cuz he is the last drag racer ever seen

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