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Artist: Batt Mike
Song Title: Love Makes You Crazy
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I was reading in a history book before the seventh war

They used to have a thing that they called love
that we don't have any more
I don't know the feeling
but I'm told it was an evil thing

It used to make you crazy and fall down
no one knows what it could bring.
Loves makes you crazy
loves makes you cry.
Love made them crazy in days gone by.
Loves makes you crazy - that's what they say:
Loves made them crazy in the olden days.
I must have seized the body and the mind like strong disease

Another plague that science has erased even from the memory.
Or maybe evolution wiped it out
so just the strong survived.
And no-one with that feeling could exist
in the race to stay alive.
Love makes you crazy
love makes you cry. . . .
Love makes you crazy
love makes you cry. . . .

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