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Artist: Battlelore
Battlelore Author
Song Title: Khazad-Dum Pt. 1 (Ages Of Mithril)
Genre: Rock
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Khazad-dum the dwarven mansion
The mighty fortress of Durin's folk
Durin and Deathless, dwarven-king
The First of the seven Fathers
After the bane of Beleriand
Naugrim from Nogrod and Belegost
Came and moved into these caves
Greatest of the dwraven halls

Caves and catacombs forever
Caverns too much for the years of a man
Dwarves can find the way together
To get lost will cost you your life

Majestie stronghold of Aule's people
Treasures from he darkest deeps
Grey-gleam, known as Mithril
Sacred metal shaped into a magical weapons

Weapons! magical weapons! Weapons!

Through the five ages of Stars
Through the three ages of Sun
Another world so far below
Hidden kingdom, the realm of their own
Mahal's tribe so mighty and old
Delving tunnels under the ground
Huge network of caves and deeps
To the western side of mountainline

Caves and catacombs forever
Caverns too much for the years of a man
Dwarves can find the way together
To get lost will cost your life

The gates of Khazad-dum were closed
During the War of elves and Sauron
None shall pass in those years
World of their own under the stone
Deeper and deeper they delved
Shine of Mithril made them blind
In depths there lied the danger
The Band of Khazad-dum

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