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Artist: Battlelust
Song Title: The Dawn Of The Black Hearts
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The war against god has now begun

swords slashing throats is heard all around

feeble white armies crushed and destroyed

heavenly palaces burned to the ground

angels of death come ride with me

come see my sword make christians bleed

blackstorms of hate comes tumbling down

this is the twilight of your precious god

Kneel before my throne you fools

I am the god almighty now

your holy god, his head removed

the dawn of the black hearts has arrived

Holy churches burned by hellish flames

the blackest light shall burn again

my heart is cold and filled with hate

my eyes sees red on holy life

I've raised a fortress coloured black

I've gained the powers of ancient might

embraced by the black flames of eternity

this is the dawn of the black hearts

With powers over the storms

and the beasts of the earth

I am the one who shall walk in darkness......


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