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Artist: Bavu Blakes
Song Title: Bah-Voo
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* send corrections to the typist

I ain't tryin' to be the dude with all the flow and none of the loot

All love but no laughter after I recoup

It's all about balance and I bring that with my sound

Though it ain't no more than one or two rap stars from my town

Wanna make great records with tight beats, but after I eat though, follow me

Livin' not solemnly but scholarly on that level my father be, comfy

What if I never do that 'cause of how some of you act

You can't classify something spiritual

My shit ain't underground, my shit is just lyrical

I ain't gon' act dumb as hell to get a hit

But I will have record sales in a little bit

If you read and write I got somethin' you gon' like

Broadcastin' live new non-white Cronkite

Words beyond tight I'm talkin' different dimensions

It'll be known whenever my name's mentioned

I'm tryin' to dis your courage neither as an artist nor a writer

I just want you to go back to the lab and return tighter

Like (x4) who (x3)

Just pronounce it b-a-h, v-o-o, you got it, alright let's go

Words elaborate like artwork on all-access laminates

Rappers say they ready for war but turn pacifist

Somebody must've told you you don't sound like shit

So I guess I'ma have to break it down right quick

I don't mind takin' my spare time to tell ya

Damn near sound like last year's best seller

What you trendy or somethin', guess you supposed to be hot

I can't believe your fuckin' record label gave you a shot

I'm sharp as a double-edged dagger polished, no handles

Yet you desire to touch it, but it ain't in your budget

Step on stage erect like fuck it where the crowd

Ass rappers don't speak aloud

Listen how nice the speaker sound

Got it vice grip locked

Keepin' it warm like tight-knit sheep shearling socks

Say I don't rock and don't say psyche

Watch lightning strike your tongue for lying to your own mine twice

Tryin' to dis your courage neither as an artist nor a writer

I just want you to go back to the lab and return tighter

Like (x4) who (x3)

Just pronounce it b-a-h, v-o-o, you got it, alright let's go

I wear my hair straight buck 'cause I gives a damn

Not prepared to fall to my knees for any man

If I must I'm willin' to make a hit again

'Til I spit again, folks wait for me to drop some shit again

Some styles are so unnecessary like ritalin

And when they lost faith in they own raps they bit again

Y'all sound awful it oughta be unlawful

Dippin' in a jam jaw full of all bull

Snout covered in sheep's wool

Folks be like go head, get deep fool, contradictory as our lives

Some'll be real, make money, honor their wives

Others'll be broke, still playing the field, while their kids bored

Kneeling in church like 'I wanna know who he is Lord'

Sorry if it strikes a chord but I'm a musician

And I want y'all to listen

I need high-quality sound, no extra hums or hissin'

Then given a chance hip-hop can get what it's missin'

Intense in my flow and that's the only way it go down

Get shut down, replace your proper name with a pronoun

What's up now, mama can't pull you back on the porch clown

You grown up, so when you get outperformed own up

Or speak up, maybe you need to turn your microphone up

Or wake up, but you can't shut Bavu Blakes up

Tryin' to dis your courage neither as an artist nor a writer

I just want you to go back to the lab and return tighter

Like (x4) who (x3)

Like (x4) who (x3) uh

B-a-h, v-o-o, one, two, three, we gone

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