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Artist: Bavu Blakes
Song Title: Only Your Life
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(chorus x2)

Life's dilemmas shake you up like the tremors from earthquakes

But remember do have faith don't forget what's at stake

Only your life

Tough decisions we gotta make

Coltrane bought a cold drink

Dr. Pepper I think but I really don't remember

Sat on the sofa watchin' Soul Train

Some singer was on looking like both genders

Speakin' of which, when Coltrane used cocaine

He would switch some of the time

Let grown men run in his behind

Anyway watchin' Tv at mama's house

Everything's fine

So ol' boy reclined but later on

He tried to reach over the table and change the channel

When he saw a picture that pissed him off

His Uncle Ty who made him soft grinnin' on the mantle

Damn hard to handle smashed it for the fourth time in ten years

As he fought back tears

Threw back beers and shots at the bar

Hopped in the car, killed all of the fear

By leavin' here

His father had his own issues, torment too

Thus the name, different thangs, but the same

One chose to bust his brain, other drove away

Their women remain in pain


Uncle Ty was a cool guy

You know, besides the way he treated trane, his nephew

Man, I was outta that, that's them

Met him back in the war, one of them cats that never left you

Stepped through all kinds of foreign lands

Cannons in hand, got back and got jack to show for it

Hot as hell hidin' in the forest

Supposed to be heroes they damn near ignore us

Pour us drinks though it's hard to pay, for 'em

Dirty uniform, slurrin' on the payphone

My wife goin' on and on, Ty laughed

Said a soulmate sho' ain't somethin' I'ma have

I hit the ave caught a cab as coltrane

Pulled up to pick up his unc, lookin' kinda mad

Said he had a little booze at the lily pad

Across the street so I nodded off to sleep to sweet thoughts

And I thought, all was cool, til' I woke

Up and heard, they fell off, in the street

Coltrane swerved, and I ask

Did Ty get what he deserved


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