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Artist: Beat Happening
Beat Happening Author
Album: Dreamy (1991)
Beat Happening - Dreamy Album
Song Title: Hot Chocolate Boy
Genre: Indie
Visits: 514
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he's always waitin
gotta make a move to tell her
hot chocolate boy
he's never had one
hot chocolate bad one
hot choclate boy
walk by at midnight
thinking he could maybe see her
he's never met one
hot chocolate wet one
hot chocolate boy
hot chocolate boy
every girl yelling
wanting him to be the terror
hot chocolate boy
he's a sensation
hot chocolate nation
hot chocolate boy
whatchin TV
watching tv has nobody and no one at all
deep sweet and bitter
spoon and a plate for breakfast
hot chocolate boy
hot frosted creamy
he was only dreamy (dreaming?)
hot chocolate boy

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