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Artist: Beck
Beck Author
Song Title: Lord Only Knows
Genre: Alternative
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you only got one finger left,
and it's pointing at the door,
and your taking for granted,
what the lords laid on the floor,
so i'm picking up the pieces
and i'm puttin' them up for sale,
throw your meal ticket out the window,
put your skeletons in jail
cause lord only knows it's gettin' late
the censors are gone, so don't you hesistate,
give yourself a call,
letcha' bottom dollars fall
throwin your tube of cans down the drain.
invite me to the seven seas,
watch some seasick man.
you'll do whatever you please,
and i'll do whatever i can.
titanic family well,
my eyes are turning pink
don't call us when the new age,
gets old enough to drink,
cause lord only knows it's getting late,
your censors are gone so don't you hesitate,
move on up the hill,
theres nothing there, left to kill,
throwin' your tube of cans down the drain...
just passin' through...
goin' back to houston,
do the hot dog dance,
goin' back to houston,
to get me some pants.....

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