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Artist: Before Braille
Song Title: When The Feeling Fades
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It aint over, but it feels like it is done

Getting older and dignified

I thought we could go out for a ride

Look at gravesites and pretend that we're inside

Trade headstones for the night

Relax and just settle down

This hesitation will not be wasted

We can't cross hidden lines

You know it helps like nothing else to taste the wind

when you prepare to fly

'Olli-Olli-Oxen-Free' if you can't find a victim then you're hunting for me

So when the legs I have won't move I've got a good place to hide

Under cover, I'm hating all the things you say but don't mean

You're an imposter and I've seen you changing sides

You're a dictator and we all drink to your pride

We'll get this right

We'll leave all the talking for another night

It's never kind, but we don't mind

You can't inspect a soul after it dies

Relax and just settle down

This hesitation is not complacent

(It's clear) We can't defend these lines

You know it helps like nothing else

to lean through the windowsill within your mind

You give of yourself now

You think for yourself now

You cry by yourself now

Because you want to be let down

You're a martyr with guest lists

You'll never make a birthday wish

Well you can't be without gifts

Because you need to be glorified

I can see why you're mortified when the feeling fades

Time won't ever be on your side

Are your feelings mine'

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