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Artist: Before I Go
Song Title: Choke The Light
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I'll look to the sky cast this shame away set aside my pride promise me you'll make it quick this cold dark gray stone is pressed against my lips so beautiful tonight was this what you planned the sins I've committed I'm facing with forgiveness still at hand as dawn approaches the sand runs thin we'll paint the windows black choke the light coming in come undressed with me cross these lines that we've drawn where timid thoughts will surely come undone I rely on you to remove this burden from my chest an innocence that cradles a tender threat as I pull you closer promise you won't miss I can't bear this again folded in distress did I make you proud a glorified end in one ringing sound I'll never forgive you and I thank you for that go cry your fucking eyes out overwhelmed in self-doubt with a longing I can't kill with walls just out of reach I'm plummeting further still ankles tightly chained the irony sets in with severed wings my ruin begins

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  • Again I Follow Suit
    "Extract these thoughts from my head withdraw these feelings from my heart planned answers always followed with more questions I've seen this landscape before try not to look but I am drawn if I could only ignore it you didn't slip through my fingers I just spread them apart a clove of smoke that starts out strong and fades away before too long expectations set so high too far to see with squinting eyes how honorable were the attempts to reach the goal I could never come close to cleanse me of this unbearable reality cure the sickness that's so much a part of me cathedrals standing tall to demonstrate denial as infection ever grows the victims only smile the beginning of the end in the shell of defiance the truth is safely hidden the definition of reliance a cancer of meager beginnings the product of its surroundings the destruction of natural purity a virus foreign to empathy

  • Between You And Us
    "inherent by design and this skin only gets us so far it seems so out of reach and it's tearing me apart constructed limitations take the strength to carry on admit it to my mind but I can't tell my heart head in my hands and the silence wishes to speak burned by my beliefs as they're taken from me scarred by my fears and the ladder's breaking I disguise the lies I tell myself cause in her eyes manipulations die and I fall attempting to grasp at this standing as a testament of the obvious surrounded by sorrow I'm drowning in hopeless feelings of doubt my status carries more clout than my knife with all that's possible in my arms I see how if fails

  • Envy You
    "trying to be you my entire life you're a stick a rope and a sign saying here's a reason to strive I bust my ass of when you need not to try it's all these jealous thoughts that put the will in my life it's all in my mind from the time when I was a kid you always set the pace right above my head you kept me looking up to see there are no walls to box me in to make me fall standing in the shadow of a greater man providing me with the strength to take a stand shaping my life to follow what you've shown I'm defining who I am by using everything I know now that we've both grown old I can't explain what I owe my eyes were clouded by jealous thoughts because I envy you you made me who I am

  • Forgetting To Forget
    "holding these feelings of regret I keep forgetting to forget giving everything for a chance at this again merely observing my own fate despair lingering in wait can't help but think was it all for nothing I maintain that standing by my distant dreams that maybe someday you'll look at me in the same way the last branch breaks in silence come so far to only be let down my hear beats then breaks in silence needing hope it tears me inside out

  • Hollow Joy
    "It hardly feels like a loss less like regret cut me a smile the beauty is dead jaded by routine and now the laughter's gone look in her eyes I can see she's lost speak the words I want to hear only heard the words I used to feel it hurts to be alone I'm lonely with you bounded by a shallow heart self-fed lies prevent us from a new start all the while sacrificing parts of ourselves look away continue to hide thin walls and glass ceilings provide no boundaries at all committed to cyclic patterns repeating over and over and over again setting your eye on the prize finding out it's always just a little bit less than you could have hoped for

  • Papillon
    "Shed this protective shield abandon the calling this time's a second chance there's no point in stalling brace yourself for impact it's only up from here laughing at opposition things aren't what they appear awake from my slumber ready to start anew a part of the same mold we're not the chosen few laid to rest in a coffin losing this mortal coil a new seed has been planted rebirth beneath the soil emerge from this safety so brave and vulnerable standing on our ideals to prove we're capable as others fail and perish we'll set our goals in sight a collective built on trust our ambitions take flight stretch my wings to fly you can fall on me array of sounds that form colors before my eyes it makes me see my life in a more perfect light

  • So This Is How It Feels
    "Morning comes and thoughts of late last night are quickly forgotten convictions gone almost as easily as the events that brought them will I ever be good enough for you again should I have to pay for my mistakes forever it hurts the most when I hear your voice at night in my dreams to realize that I couldn't have you it hurts so much to believe I lie here thinking how you brought out the best in me back then that I've had so many nights to think of what we could've been sitting here knowing it's late wanting to call yet I wait scared to put myself out there again so far from home you're all I've wanted all along you gave me something to believe in again that I'm afraid to try but I can't stop myself this time promise me that you'll be there when I open my eyes I'm tired now just want to rest myself across from your face I'm broken now by own faults guess that's the price I have to pay


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