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Artist: Behemoth
Behemoth Author
Song Title: The Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor
Genre: Rock
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( music and lyrics by Nergal )

Chapter I The forbidden legacy ov a fallen race (instrumental)

Chapter II Invocation ov the watch gods

O Mighty Watcher!

Thou art all and all art in Thee

free me from morals

intoxicate with Thy self love

O Mighty Sentinel!

Thou art the conscious one

break the monotony ov existence

that I may illuminate!

uncrowned in Tarterean Sulphur

elder than the Memphian kings

Thy reign so timeless and infinite

ever silent watchers, whom mankind yet aches to embrace

grand me Thy Promethean rays

blacker than light...

conquering lion headed god

by the name ov Legion dost Thou arrive

lead: Nergal

Thou hast seen the prophets in the desert

Thou hast bled for the fallen idols from beyond

prevailing strength hath made Thee greater

than the god...

from amongst the million dead angels army

Azazel, begotten not ov human race

honour the divine vision ov victorious sun

open wide your glimmering eyes

bathe in divinity ov loneliness

empowered in self creation

shine inward!

Sh e myaza! the profoundest one

spread Thy wings

the desolate one

Thy disease untamed within the sinister self...

O Mighty Watcher!

Thou art all and all art in Thee

free me from morals

intoxicate with Thy self love

O Mighty Sentinel!

Thou art the conscious one

break the monotony ov existence

that I may illuminate!

lead: Seth

Chapter III The splendorous return

background lead: Nergal

beyond all cowardness!

hast Thou no fear?

spit out the blasphemy!

strive unto sin...

seduce Thyself

o mighty seer!

the ancient voyager

blind me with light

the sleepless ones

in aimless wandering

Thou must first fall

to reign in blasphemy...

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