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Artist: Behind The Scenery
Song Title: Blinded By Abnormity
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A creature possessed by brutality and lust

Crawls out from the dusk

The dusk of insanity, emotionless

He searches for a cruel way to satisfy

His burning desire

Afraid to feel - lead by his inability

Afraid to feel - blinded by his abnormity

They grow up in a web of distrust

The child inside will cry?

Innocence is lost forever

Their souls will suffer day by day

He's lurking in the shadows

Imaginary voices in his head

Awake the greed to abuse our future

Under his psychotic eyes a life withers

Like a flower in a cold autumn wind

And the cold autumn wind blows away

The trust in humanity

The imploring and bleeding soul

glows out

Like a shooting star

in a hostile atmosphere

The child escapes from within

Escapes from reality, a child terrified

By the cruelty in his eyes

Raped by a disease of society

They closed the doors

to their world of dreams

And drift in a sea of traumatic memories

...and tears

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