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Artist: Believable Picnic
Song Title: Bleed
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So it's come to this again, begging
For another chance.
See you're still bleeding from the
Last, still you choose to
Drink this glass

Still wonder how you
Can forgive me
Every time I nail you to that tree

Bleed on me to wash this stain a
Reoccurring miracle
Tell me is it worth the pain to
Bring me back to beautiful

Wear my shame like a broken
Crown King of all who've
Fallen down.
All the good deeds that I could
Do aren't worth what's
Stuck between my shoes.
Still wonder how you
Can forgive me
The things I want to do I don't do,
The things I don't want to do I do
Every time I nail you to that tree

Bleed on me to wash this stain a
Reoccurring miracle
Tell me is it worth the pain to
Bring me back to beautiful

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