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Artist: Believable Picnic
Song Title: Listen
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I stopped to listen, to a voice

In my head

Can you tell me, what you

Just said

The words of him & her & you

Can't seem to hear me

I stopped to rest a bit, to

Crash in my bed

The phone just kept ringing

The light blinking red

The words of him & her & you

Can't seem to sleep

Come sit next to me, I'll sit

Next to you and hear your plea

I stopped to wonder, how

You can stand

To hear every one of us,

All our demands

The words of her & him & you

Can't seem to sleep

Come sit next to me, I'll sit

Next to you and hear your plea

The words of him & her & me

Can't seem to see

If I sit by you, will you sit by me

And hear my plea

I stopped to pray a bit,

To say here I am

Just thought I'd tell you, and

Now.....say Amen

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