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Artist: Bella Morte
Song Title: LoveTragedy
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Scented pain and seperation
defies the physics and the form
that life must to exist consume and be reborn
Why is this strange attraction
a call to arms with my destiny?
What choice or course of action?
will you leave a path for me

Love laced with tragedy
a sense of agony
Why can't i feel love as in a fairy tale?
my world is growing stale
and now I've lost

Systematicly paralyzed from the soul out towards the eyes
what i feel i have no traction to hold or realize
winking into motivation
i do not trust the things i've seen
and now these lost and found sensations want to devour me.

Love laced with tragedy
a sense of agony
why can't i feel love as in a fairy tale?
my heart is growing frail
and now I've lost

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