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Artist: Bella Morte
Song Title: Metro
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I'm alone

sitting with my empty glass

my four walls

follow me through my past

i was on a paris train

i emerged in london rain

and you were waiting there

swimming through apologies

i remember searching for the perfect words

i was hoping you might change your mind

i remember a soldier sleeping next to me

riding on the metro

you wore white

smiling as you took my hand

so removed

we spoke of wintertime in france

minutes passed with shallow words

years have passed and still the hurt

i can see you now

smiling as you pulled away

i remember the letter wrinkled in my hand

"i'll love you always" filled my eyes

i remember a night we walked along the seine

riding on the metro

i remember a feeling coming over me

the soldier turned, then looked away

i remember hating you for loving me

riding on the metro

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