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Artist: Belle & Sebastian
Song Title: I Dont Love Anyone
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I don't love anyone
You're not listening
You're playing with something
You're playing with yourself

I don't love anyone
You're not listening even now
You're playing with someone
You're playing with someone else

And if there's one thing that I learned when I was a child
It's to take a hiding

I don't love anything
Not even Christmas
Especially not that
I don't love anything

No, I don't love anyone
Maybe my sister
Maybe my baby brother too, yeah
I don't love anyone

But if there's one thing that I learned when I was still a child
It's to take a hiding
Yeah if there's one thing that I learned when I was still at school
It's to be alone

Out in the street today
The kids are playing, having fun
I pass them by I'm not a kid, no
I don't love anyone

I met a man today
He told me something pretty strange
There's always somebody saying something
He said, 'The world is as soft as lace.'

But I don't love anyone

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