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Artist: Belle & Sebastian
Song Title: Mayfly
Genre: Alternative
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Lovesick on a sunny afternoon
You are tired of stopping in
You are waiting for the time
Mayfly, woken up when skys are clear
I don't mind you coming near
Keep me company till she comes again
You are the one who's privy to
I am the one who's making do
Because you saw him in the park
Because you saw him at the bridges with the people in the park

Cana was the start of something big
You were there in the beginning
You were there to see him play
Mayfly, woken up when sky's are blue
I don't mind the sight of you
Keep me company till she comes around
You are the one who's privy to
I am the one who's making do
Because you saw him at the celebrations standing at the side
He had the moves to save the day
But you would love him anyway

Lovesick, it came back upon yourself
You are the girl left on the shelf
You are incapable of playing the fool
Longingso what's different today?
You sent the boys and girls away
You are concerned with matters lofty
But puzzled so it makes you sick
Your diary's looking like a bible with it's verses lost in time
And lost in meaning for the people who surround you
It's a crying shame
You know it's a crying shame

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