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Artist: Belly
Song Title: Two Sides
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Chorus: repeat 2X

I be that chick on the other side, down til I die
When you need me I'll be there boo, I ain't gon' lie
Tell wifey I said hi, lick this, give her a kiss
As I, sit back and laugh about the ep she just missed

Verse One:

The chosen one, young lady never shady
Can't fade me, I'm gettin money
No dummy I'm actin funny, only true
thug niggaz with figures, six oh-oh's, I love them oh's
Peep' opposed, so I gotta get mine
The boy is mine, laid up in the whip
Gettin hit, that's the shit
Leanin to the back, gettin freaky like that
Who's fuckin with that, a 600 to a Hatch
Catch my flows, hittin you with low blows
Real chick on the side, take em for a long ride
Watchin my flicks, talkin slick
Kickin in doors, with the four-four
Smash you tricks, not your average chick
I cop guns and whips for you whores, mashin
It's all thugged out, your wife lose your her life


Verse Two:

Girl I can't stand when he ain't around
He makes me nervous, takin trips out of town
to knock off this weight, but I truly understand
Money's sweet in Albany he gettin two hundred a gram
God forbid he get locked, or even worse bodied
What the fuck I'ma do, besides him I got nobody
Do he cheat? Probably, so what? I plays the mistress
in a see-through dress, then guess, what's in the chest
Nothin but gold and diamonds
Young thing, hard to find one
Bobby Brown on the lips, petiteness
Hotness, whoo, I'm talkin slick


Verse Three:

Start a new beginnin never endin now I'm spendin
If enemy do', I got to let you know
I like the taste of moolah, do I have to school y'all?
His and he

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