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Artist: Ben Kweller
Song Title: The Rules
Genre: Indie
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Years ago I lost my guard
Ever since it's been hard
standing up like a man, like a father
understand that all I do
is not enough for myself
I am tough on myself
I need to freeze, I need direction, aww please...

Show me all the rules girl,
I just want to get 'em wrong
Show me all the rules girl,
I just want to belong

First I'm gonna sing my song

I try to do what is right,
I try to win without a fight
From time to time I turn around
to that gun on the ground
I try to seek more than this:
A nice smile, a wet kiss
Don't want to miss what I'm looking for,
But it's behind your door.

Show me all the rules girl,
I just want to get 'em wrong
Show me all the rules girl,
I just want to belong

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