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Artist: Ben Lee
Ben Lee Author
Album: Awake Is The New Sleep (2005)
Ben Lee - Awake Is The New Sleep Album
Song Title: Begin
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I'm walking down broadway

Each foot step is a new love letter

I'm trying to make eye contact

With each and every stranger that I pass

Thinking about the city

It's living proof people need to be together

I'm thinking about how I just want to open up

And give and give and give

And it's ok for you to care

Cause I can feel you in the air

And while you wonder "how's this gonna end?"

I only want it to begin

I'm thinking about desire

I've had to learn how to sin successfully

I'm thinking about bliss

And bliss is all dressed up

And there's no one to dance with

Remembering her smile and the nuclear bomb

And the reasons I loved her

Walking through Central Park

I'm in a foriegn country and I'm waiting for a sign

That it's ok for you to care

Cause I'm not going anywhere

And while you wonder if you should let me in

I only want it to begin

I'm still singing

Twisting humilities, breaking arrangements

Thinking about my heart

I guess you've heard, sometimes it's heavy

But I just keep moving

When I hit a wall, I look up at the sky

I'm thinking about my makeup

In spite of all this I know she won't give up on me

And its ok for you to care

Cause I can taste you everywhere

While it's true

All straight things must bend

I only want it to begin

I only want it to begin

I only want it to begin

I only want it to begin

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